“Good always comes out of bad”

What a year, in 2020 we thought that Covid was gone! the government was subsidising us to go to the pub, cases were falling and it looked like we had it beat.

(enter new variants of covid 19)

Variant? The nation sighed as as cases doubled every 4 days. With Christmas fast approaching and the worry that we might again have to go into lockdown, everyone pulled together obeyed the rules but it was not enough. Some parts of the country where able to enjoy the festivities with a couple of households, others were told to baton down the hatches and again, heard them two words we all dreaded “Stay Home”

January 2021 Lockdown 3.0 , we were forced again to stay home, I couldn`t do it! I had an empty back room and a lathe in the attic, I had to do something to stop me going crazy!

I got out Betsy the lathe and decided to try make up some lost income by turning miniatures like I had done 6-8 years prior.

The next day I made a trip to my local timber yard, I soon had a work bench strong enough for 13 stone Betsy!  I started then to turn, after a few days I then had the decision to make on how to sell them.

 Years before id used eBay but since then the Etsy had made a name for itself so I decided to try it. A nice easy platform to use I soon had them listed, within a day id sold my first one, I purposely hadn`t advertised on social media as a test of the Etsy search engine alone and it came up trumps. 

The lovely buyer Helen sent me a message saying that she loved the piece and when she`d seen it in person she would buy more, the next day she received her first piece in the post…… and bought another 7.

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