About Me

Never would I of thought 12 years ago when I bought `Betsy“ (my lathe) that I would be writing an `about Me` page about woodturned miniatures!

I started Woodturning in 2009, turning full size woodturnings soon became a pain as my 6×8 garden shed soon became so full with drying logs and woodshavings that I just couldn`t move! frustrated, I then decided to make smaller items, pens, wooden mushrooms ect, this soon became repetitive and to be honest, a little boring! After a google looking for potential projects I came across Cynthia Howes `one good turn` (ive posted the link at the bottom) I was immediately intrigued, I went straight to the shed! I started to turn miniatures and sell them  on eBay they where sold all over the world, What a feeling! 

In 2012 we moved house and `Betsy` found herself in storage, in january 2021, i was put on furlough for the foreseeable, i`m not the type that can just watch netflix so like a pheonix from the flames, `Betsy` was Back! With the extra time at home that covid had given me, I was able to take my work to a another level, I`ve spent the last year making tools, collecting exotic woods and perfecting my own skills to stand out from everybody else. I`m a humble guy but so proud of what i`ve achieved this year, from building a work bench in January to exhibiting at my first show in September in Stafford to being featured in Dolls House World Magazine!